Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T-Minus 24-Hours

I guess Saturday is what one might call the calm before the storm.  It was a day where I had intentions to relax.  I did something I've only ever done once before at Disney World:  I slept in.

Yes, those of you who know me read that right.  I slept in Saturday morning knowing that this would not be the case the next day.

My goal for the morning?  Breakfast at Boma.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge itself is really its own little attraction at Disney.  The perfect place for a leisurely stroll in the morning.

My view from my table for breakfast:

After dinner, I went over to Hollywood Studios.  There was a show I haven't seen in a long time--Beauty in the Beast.  I understand plans are for this show to go after some time, so I wanted to see it one last time.

I didn't leave before I got a cupcake from Starring Rolls
I left there to rest for some time.  It was beautiful enough to sit by the pool.

Back in the room, I laid in the bed with my feet propped up. I got back up just in time to go to Animal Kingdom and ride Everest several times before the late closure.
See, in the summer, you can't ride Everest in the dark.  I was able to get to Animal Kingdom for the late evening just after dinner (make your own pasta at Art of Animation).

I love Animal Kingdom at night!

Back at the room, I laid out my clothes for the next day.  I was very nervous.  Several veteran runners were good about talking me out of my fear-funk, and I even found this quote--how appropriate:

The morning would come soon enough, and I would be running my first ever marathon!

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