Sunday, July 19, 2015

On a Cold, Cold Morning

I don't think I've ever been as cold as I was on the morning of the 5K.  Nor do I hope to ever be that cold again.  Of course, runDisney gave us a warning:


I had not really brought appropriate cold weather gear to Disney.  This was as best as it could get:

The 5K starts at 6ish am, so I was able to sleep in for the first morning--if you consider sleeping until 3:30am sleeping in.  I ambled slowly through the resort.

  Mornings before sunrise--my favorite time in Disney resorts.

I met up with a group from the Princess Posse.  I remember Jill did not want to leave the porta-potty because it was warm in there.
 Posse On!

The Disney Family Fun 5K theme was a Pluto theme.  There are not that many corrals and I think most of the slots are now taken up by Dopey participants.
 Start Line
 Mile 1!
 What a beautiful morning!
 I was really too cold to stop.
 Spaceship Earth
 Mile 2
 Coming towards the end
 Mile 3
 Finish line!
 Final time.

Some thoughts on the 5K as a race:

It's a real good race through Epcot, and has some surprising elevations.

I ran the race too fast.  I was cold, and I wanted out.  In my next Dopey, I'll stick with the 16 min mile for the 5K, 10K, and half.

It was cold!!!  I was still cold at 10:26, when I stopped for Starbucks.

I may not have thawed out completely until two days later.