Friday, June 21, 2013

Why, yes, I AM a Princess

The night before any race can be one of nerves.  You check your gear.  Once, twice, twenty-three times.  You put everything together in a nice, neat little pile.

And then you try to sleep.

Oftentimes, sleep is difficult to come.  That held true for the Princess Half Marathon.

I wanted to sleep.

Needed to sleep.


I taped my plantar fascitis.  Then check emails.  Then watched television.

Why on earth was it so hard to sleep?

Thankfully, and graciously, sleep finally did come to me.  And it was a good thing.  The chords of Soarin' were waking me within what felt like minutes.  

What people don't tell you about Disney races like the Princess Half Marathon is how early you have to wake up.  In my case?  It was 2ish am.  

I hopped in the shower after I tore off the KT Tape from my left foot, leaving behind my first blister for the day.  But I sucked it up and put on my big girl britches.  By 3:30, I was on the but towards Epcot, where I definitely was not the first person there:

They were yet again, playing loud music, trying to get everyone pepped up.  I bought a cup of the nastiest coffee ever known to man, but was grateful for the pickmeup.

I checked my bag, and headed towards the start line.  

What they don't tell you about the Princess Half is that before you get to the start line, you walk almost the first 2 miles of the 5K.

If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'.

Yep, saw it the day before

Plenty of sparkle

Sea of porta-potties

Finally in Egypt

Once I was there, I got into my corral, which was E.  I think they went from Elite to A to H.  

One of the amazing things about Disney is the way they start the races.  Every corral began with fireworks.  I've seen races do things only for the first corral and that was it.  Disney does it right:

And although it seemed like it takes forever in other races, I was here before long:

And I was nudged on by the Fairy Godmother herself!

We were off and I was running.  In fact, I ran the first mile.  Before I knew it, I was here:

And although I really thought I'd stop for Captain Jack, I didn't.

I kept on going, and before long I was here:

Now, I don't know why, but for some reason, I was really looking forward to getting to this point of the race.  I think I was looking forward to it so much, that I missed Mile 2.

Because my next picture is. . .

And then:

Somewhere between 3 and 4 I got my first runDisney text that alluded to a sub 3-hour finish.  I got excited and kept running.

Now, we were getting closer and closer to the Magic Kingdom.  And I was starting to be surprised by some of the runners.

I mean, really, are people running after losing a bet?

Hello, NotSoSnowWhite

Hmmm. . .maybe the monorail would have been a better choice. . .

Now how often do you see this while running?

It's the sea of people going under water

I'm told these were from the marathon weekend

One day, I will stay here.

Now, all of you know where I am about now.  Coming up is the real reason why most people run Disney races.  But let me tell you a few things about this particular race thus far:

1.  I was feeling good.  No knee pain, well hydrated.
2.  It was hot.  By this point, my hair is soaked even though I started off with dry hair
3.  The POCKETS of my Sparkle skirt made it worth every penny
4.  Everyone there made me feel like a princess.

By far, as long as I live, this will be the best half marathon I've ever run.  

Coming up. . .Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA

I'll leave you with a few words from LeCrae, who tends to be my best running friend:

Nah, I ain't sweaty and my breath's pretty steady
My feet don't hurt and my legs ain't heavy
I'm still in the marathon, I keep my pace steady
Temptation is quick/but the Spirit stay ready
My eyes on the prize, 
Yeah they fixed on Christ
~~LeCrae, "Run"

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