Sunday, April 27, 2014

Race you to the Castle!

Marathon morning started with a 12:38 wake up call from my next-door neighbors at POP Century Resort.  Yeah.  Even for a Disney race, that's an early start.  I got back to sleep until my true ake up time of 2:50am.

I got dressed and headed over to Epcot on the first bus at 3:30am.  One thing I did for this race that I had never done for any other race was Race Retreat.  It involves a climate controlled area with breakfast, some freebies, a private changing area, and brunch after the race.  January weather in Florida can be any combination of seasons, with one year even being snowy!  I made my way through the new security and to race retreat that morning.

To be honest, I don't even remember eating this breakfast.  I was so scared that morning, by myself, and wishing I had someone there with me for my first marathon.

I did have time to meet Mary Poppins and get a picture.

And met up with some of the Princess Posse there:

Now one thing you don't know about Disney races, is that from the holding area, there is about a half a mile walk to the start line:

The first start was at 5:30.  Each group got their own fireworks and countdown from Mickey himself.  I started my race at 6:16 am.

The first couple of miles were in the dark.  All I remember from those miles is I wish I had stopped at the last set of porta-potties.

Between miles 2 and 3, runners enter the Magic Kingdom parking lot at the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

In this area is where Jack Skellington race up behind me, yelled, "Boo" and I screamed louder than necessary!

Past the TTC, runners are limited to one lane going by the Contemporary Resort.  We also have a steep downhill under the canal that joins Bay Lake to the Seven Seas Lagoon.  IT Bands, beware!  :)

Before we know it, we are at Mile 5, going into the Magic Kingdom:

And towards Cinderella's Castle.  I get teary-eyed everytime I get here.  There are lots of people cheering us on there.

So, you go straight for the castle, and turn right at Tomorrowland, then towards the Tea Cups.  I stopped for a photo opp with the White Rabbit.

And on to the back of the castle
And through the castle.

Just beautiful.

So, I was heading to Mile 6.  So far, it's the same path as the princess half marathon.  Very shortly, however, I would be heading towards uncharted territory.

Coming up--I feel like I'm in NASCAR.


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