Sunday, November 9, 2014

You Carry Me

There have always been times when I believe God throws a song out there to lift me up.  The most recent one is Moriah Peters' "You Carry Me".  It's one of those songs that seems like it's everywhere when I turn on the radio these days. 

I'll be honest:  Dopey Training has not been going so well as of late.  Yesterday was particularly difficult for several reasons:
  1. Last weekend I had a significant injury to a toe.  It started really acting up on me.
  2. I didn't really want to run 20 miles
  3. My back started hurting me (it still does)
  4. All I had eaten all day was a bowl of oatmeal
  5. I ran by a house full of people out on the porch drinking and cursing.  I felt very exposed and uncomfortable.
As soon as I went by that house, even though I was still 2 miles from my car, I quit.  I have never, ever quit during a long run.  Never in my life. 

I hope that I will never feel the sense of failure I did yesterday, but I also have to admit something:  it's truly out of my hands.

Yes, I'm going to train as well as I can for the weekend, but ultimately whether or not I am successful depends on the One who carries me:

     "Feels like it's been miles and miles
      Feels like it's an uphill climb
      Sometimes I get weary on the way
      But when I look back at where I've been
     When I look back, I'm sure of it
      I was right there in Your arms and I can say

      Every moment of my life
      God, You never left my side
      Every valley, every storm
      You were there, You were there
      I don't need to know what's next
      You'll be with me every step
      Through it all, through it all
      I can see You carry me"

So, yesterday was a storm.  I wasn't alone.  If it's His will, I will be carried across the finish line.