Thursday, March 27, 2014

Home Sweet Home. . .

For the rest of my life, I will consider the Beach Club Resort home.  I don't know why.  Perhaps it's the smell of the lobby.  Or the feeling that I have when I go there.  But it's a peaceful place in the middle of all of the hecticness that is Walt Disney World.

Sure, I know it.  "Hecticness" is not a word.

I woke up from my peaceful nap to take the bus over to either Epcot or Hollywood Studios.

Whichever bus came first.

The winner?

It was a beautiful day for a slow walk in Epcot, with one of these in hand:

I typically do not drink at all in the two- to three-months before a race.  But I'm glad that I did get this, because for the rest of the trip, I only got one more adult drink.

When I got to the Beach Club for dinner, I was early, so I decided to walk over to the Solarium.

There was a group in there and I quickly realized that it was a Mickey Miles Podcast meeting.  They were discussing the 10K.  I listened for some time, and did not offer input, as I had not run the 10K myself so I had nothing to compare it to.  It seemed interesting that the feeling regarding the 10K was generally not positive.  That was too bad.  The 10K in DIsney World is still on my bucket list.

From there I moseyed on to dinner at Cape May Cafe.  Research tells you not to carb load the night before a race, rather to do it 36-48 hours ahead.  I don't know how much carb loading I did.  It was, however, deliciousness!

Well, there are pasta, potatoes, bread, and caramel flan in there.

(My stomach is all the sudden growling!)

Anyway, after dinner, I hopped on the bus to the Magic Kingdom.  I rode a couple of rides, heading my favorite direction after entering the park:

As seen from in front of the Crystal Palace.

As I said, I rode a few rides, and then although I was still full, I needed something to help me bide my time until Wishes:

No line!

I found a spot to sit in the hub and waited for the fireworks:

And then I did my favorite thing to do:  I moved through the crowd gingerly and up to the train station to people watch.  Except they are going the opposite direction, have you ever wondered what it looks like when people are running the marathon on Main Street?  This is some idea:

Seriously.  You can't really run on it.

Having spent my full day out, I knew the next one was to be one of relaxation.  I took the bus back to the resort and just rested my feet.

T-Minus 28 hours til the marathon!