Saturday, February 15, 2014

We're walkin' right down the middle of Main Street, USA. . .

So, here's a little known fact about a Disney vacation. . .

you have to get up at the same time of the morning as if you were working that week.

No lie.

Most people don't know this and make a fundamental mistake.  While I've gotten up early, and ridden all the rides I want to in a two hour period, and am ready to go back to the room for a nap, others have slept in and gotten to the parks to discover that they have 2 and 3 hour long waits for rides.

Don't be like the others.

You've been warned.  

My morning started with one of my favorite Disney treats. . .the early morning coffee walk.

Coffee in the food courts isn't the best, although it's recently gotten marginally better.  But have you ever heard of a person who needs coffee so she can make coffee?

Yeah, that would be me.

Coffee in hand, I was ready to take on the day.

The walk back to the bus stop after getting ready.

Yes, those flowers are azaleas.  Typically not seen until April here, they were beginning to bloom this week.

On I went to the Magic Kingdom. . .

I watched the family of the day open the Magic Kingdom, and then made my way down Main Street.  

Crowds were. . . well, to be honest, there were no crowds this week!

I headed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I did not want to hit Space Mountain before the marathon, as it could do damage to my back, which I needed to carry me.

Splash Mountain was once again closed, so I headed on to Pirates and then the Haunted Mansion.  I finally got to see the new Rapunzel themed restrooms in Fantasyland

The theming on these were beautiful. . .I took pictures later in the week of the inside.

I made my way through fantasyland and spied the new 7 Dwarfs mine from Dumbo.

 The best part was seeing Daisy and Minnie

By that time, hunger had hit.  I want to my favorite Counter Service in the Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Rays

I always have the best view there

I then rode the People Mover and headed back to the room for a nap.  By this time, it was around noon.

Coming up. . .Dinner at my favorite resort and Pretty lights!


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  1. I am *almost* the person who needs coffee to make coffee. Nothin' like a Disney early morning coffee walk!! ::sigh:: Great pictures. Looking forward to more! :)