Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Jamberry Party

I'm not an especially big person on pampering or that kind of thing for myself.  Every once in a while I will get a manicure.  My last pedicure was forever ago.  So when friends mentioned Jamberry to me, I have to say, I dismissed it.  And then I saw pictures from Pinterest.

I became intrigued.

And then a friend became a consultant.  I tried them.

You know how fingernail polish chips?

A lot?

You know how Acrylic nails destroy your fingernails?  And it takes forever to fix them?

Yeah, these things don't.

And I think they look super cute:

My first trial with them--the design is a Jamberry, with the others being polish.

A week later--the Jam holds up, but I had to change the polish.

Day one of a full Jamicure

Day seven of the same Jamicure

Newest look

You may wonder how Jamberry nails ends up on a running blog.  
My friend, Amie Pirkle, is a Jamberry consultant and has agreed to do a fundraiser for me for St. Jude's Heros.  I have forfeited all hostess rewards and Amie will make nothing on this fundraiser.  

Please consider giving to St. Judes and supporting me through your purchase with Jamberry nails.

More information is on my Facebook group:

Thank you for your support!