Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Royal Family 5K

Back in December, I started looking at the upcoming races. . .most specifically, the upcoming Princess Half Marathon.  People were talking about talking the Princess Half slow and enjoying the race, and I was all about the training I was doing.  So I came up with an idea.

The Royal Family 5K.

I could take it slow and do it with my friend Nicole.

And then, I talked my husband into giving it to me as a Christmas present.

The morning of the 5K, Nicole and I got up really, really early.

We got dressed.

And boarded the bus with probably the second group.

We passed through all of the groups and went up to the party, where everyone was dancing.  Guess what?!?  I don't dance.  But, nearby:

The start line

And as people started the race, Disney started with fireworks:

Nicole and I were at the front of our corral.  Where an idiot (pardon me) made a snide comment about the two of us being towards the front.

Guess what, dude?  Get to the start a little earlier next time.

Either way, we were off and going through towards the back entrance to Epcot

They were starting off the test runs of Test Track

Don't I look cute in my tutu?!?

There's a lot of beer back here in the UK.

About here, we saw where a lady had collapsed.  It was sort of scary, to be honest.

And before we knew it, we were finished.  We got through in about an hour, by walking most of the race.  I was not about to injure myself when I had the Princess Half the next day.

Post race fuel box full of randomness.  I'd get another one the next day.

And what did I do post-race?  Well, by 10:00am, I was in Hollywood Studios.

And I got into that line.  That ended up being about 120 minutes due to a break down.  I rode with a girl from California who was going to run the half the next day.

I also road the Rock n Roller coaster.

And I like Mickey's new location.

I followed up my 2.5 hours there with a trip to Stormalong Bay.  Nikki and I had a studio at Boardwalk Villas, where the creepy clown pool was out of commission.  We were able to use the best resort pool on property. 

It was getting later, and we'd have dinner coming soon.  The next day was the Princess Half Marathon.

And I was ready.

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