Saturday, June 22, 2013

Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street, USA

Run so hard, don't ya want yer reward
Now run now run now run some more
~~LeCrae, Run

When I last left you all, I was on my way to the Magic Kingdom.

This, my friends, is why many people run the Disney races.  Just a chance to bypass the ticket stiles and run, as the song goes, "right down the middle of Main Street, USA."  

The fuzzy picture of Space Mountain in sight, I felt my blood starting to pump a little harder.

I kept looking for a sign that we were on the right path.  They brought us through an area typically seen only by cast members shuffling through their work day.  And then. . .

Oh, town hall, what a lovely sight you are.

Now, for those of you who frequent Disney as much as I do, you know what is at the next right turn.

I'm told that many women get to this point and completely bawl. 

I'm not afraid to tell you all.

I was one of those women.
Now in my post after the Boston Marathon bombing, I allude to the spectators.  On the left of the rope is the group of spectators and by this time I know I am close to halfway through the race.  I was bawling because I made it this far, because I was running towards the castle, because my body was doing things I never thought it could.

LOL, first time I've noticed the Grumpy Cat poster:  "I ran once, it was horrible"

I found an unsuspecting cast member who was kind enough to take my picture:

When I rant through the castle, I waited in line for a picture.  Which was stupid.  It ruined my time, and the picture never showed up.  But I got my own pretty good picture:

And just like that, the castle was through.  And I still had a little over 7 miles left!

I'm assuming I missed mile 5, as well

Well, my feet were certainly on fire!

Remember in Exodus how the Israelites wandered for 40 years and their feet never hurt?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I would have given anything for that kind of divine intervention at this point.  What you don't see is this is known as cone alley.  It's the stretch of road between the Magic Kingdom and the Grand Floridian.  I'm pretty sure this is Grand Floridian Way.  There is only one lane of traffic here for people to run--and remember there were 26,000 of us there.  I ended up mainly on the grass here because it really just bottlenecked so that I felt like I was on I-95 rush hour DC traffic.

Yeah, it was really that bad.

By now, I know the odds of me finishing a sub-three-hour half marathon were squashed.  :(

And I sure don't know what happened to Mile 8.

I did get in another photo stop

By now, I'm feeling good.  I know my toenail that was hanging on by a thread at the beginning of the race has probably met its demise.  But I also know I'm going to finish.

Coming up. . .So how many PRINCEsses are here, anyway?

"Yeah, we still in it, dawg, we can't quit it dawg,
all my cousins who runnin stick with it y'all
Jezebel is jumpin' your path, you best run
They tempting you puff,
Puff past, just run"
~~LeCrae, Run

"But the one who endures to the end will be saved."  ~~Matthew 24:13

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