Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ugh. . .

There are times during a race that are tougher than others.  

Miles 14 through 22 of the marathon were killer for me.  As you all know, I was struggling by this point with my ankle.  I had popped meds that were in my Sparkle Skirt pocket and kept going.  By the time I was here at mile 14, the sun was pushing down on us.

 Here, a random runner offered to take my picture.  Hey, I was at a milestone.  Mile 15.  I also still can't believe I was smiling here.

Notice a trend here?  I was finished with scenery and sticking mostly to the mile markers.

Before long, I was here, at Wide World of Sports.  It was also here I got a text from a friend and I called my husband.  It was also where we got the glorious wet washcloths that stayed on my back for a long time.  And we started an ascent to the rat race that is the Wide World of Sports.

Just a hint:  it lasts forever.

and ever

and ever

and ever

and. . . .

I'll just use ellipses here.  Where's that infinity sign when you need it?

Note the walkers here--everyone looks so defeated!

"Just keep swimming my foot"  Where's the monorail?

By now, we are feeling Goofy.  And still in the Wide World of Sports.

Baseball field.  We have to be close to the end, right?

 It was fun seeing us on the Jumbotron
 Finally!  We're coming out of there!

And somewhere between here, my Nike+ Sportwatch died.
And ever.
Never to wake up again.
Here's where the real challenge came.  I had no way of knowing where I was or my pace or anything.  At this point, I stopped my intervals as well.  I was just ready to be finished.  I hurt, I was hungry (next year, some type of protein will be eaten at mile 13), and I was ready to be done.  I was almost at Hollywood Studios and I needed to get to the Boardwalk so I would not be swept off of the course.

It was about here that I started worrying that I'd be swept.  The clocks were turned off on a couple of the mile markers.  I never, however, saw balloon ladies.  I did start looking behind me.

When you are stripped down to nothing, you learn the most about yourself. 

I could have given up.

I could have stopped and waited for the balloon ladies.

I hurt, I was hungry, and my watch had stopped.

It was here I stopped by a medical tent, slapped some more biofreeze on my ankle, took some Tylenol from them, and ate another Gu.

Call me determined.

Call me stubborn.

I don't care which one.

I was going to finish, come heck or high water.

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