Saturday, July 14, 2012

I finally sprung for it. . .

Holy, mazoly!  The past few weeks, running has gotten harder and harder.  There were too many problems with the running:

1.  The sun wasn't rising until 6:15am
2.  I have to leave for work by 7:15am
3.  It was too hot in the afternoon to run.
4.  I was being late for work every day I ran.

In the end, Monday through Thursday was getting harder and harder for running.

In comes the solution:

Hello, new treadmill.  My credit card is still smoking and I feel sorry for it.  But this morning, I put in 4 miles, and I am excited to be able to run whenever I need to--even if it's at 2 am!

1 comment:

  1. SO. ENVIOUS. You have no idea. This is what I need in the worst way (same running issues as you!) but I have ZERO room for one in this teeny-tiny apartment. Blah. But, I"m happy for you!! GO FOR IT Amanda! :)