Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rest for the Weary

Ah, rest, sweet rest!  After a 2 am start for the day, my first flight, and running around, I went to the room and crashed.  When I got up later, I had originally planned to go to the pool at POP Century.  But that seemed foolish to do in 40-degree weather.  Instead, I hopped on the first bus to the Magic Kingdom to pick up my tickets early.

This is a little known fact about Disney.  If you come in early for a trip, you can pick up your tickets early if they are part of a package.  The girl at the Magic Kingdom was not convinced, but entertained me anyway.  I threw out a friend's name who is a Cast member (I don't think I ever told Megan I did that), and next thing I know, I was on my way.  I had no intentions of going into the Magic Kingdom, though.  I needed to be over at the Polynesian for dinner, so I hopped on one of these:

I was going to dinner.  I chose a place I had never been to before, but had read good reviews about:  the Kona Island sushi bar.

There, I was able to watch them make sushi right before my eyes, which is truly amazing.  My choice for the night?  A Volcano Roll:

This was true deliciousness in a plate.

Now the new plan for the night was to go to Epcot.  Although it was cold, I walked around the Polynesian for a little bit, taking in the sites:

The lobby waterfall

From the beach

Up the hill.  I think they may do weddings up here

The neverland club building.  Looks a lot like the creepy Polynesian people on It's a Small World and clowns.  I'm not a fan.

I was grateful that this started a real leisurely night.  There is something to be said for taking things slow, and that is definitely what I did.

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